Hello everyone!

For those who don’t want to read the whole thing or cannot withstand spelling errors (I’m not running this through Grammarly because what the hell it contests every single one of my commas), here is the main point: I’m going on a short break, and will hopefully return by mid-December.
I want to say that this was not planned out at all; I never expected to go on break so soon after the ‘Re-Entry’ prompt, where I promised to continue for several years at the very least. However, in a certain way, it actually turned out quite well.

Note from future self: I ran it through Grammarly after all.

You see, I am temporally challenged and regularly make mistakes in dates and times. I have stored countless birthdays wrong and come for events hours after they were already over; in short, I am not to be trusted when it comes to time. This sort of tomfoolery happened with the MWC, too: I mistook the September prize-declaration date as the final submission date and nicely realized this mistake only 3 days before the actual deadline; hence the three articles posted last week. In my haste, I couldn’t even write for the ‘Space’ prompt (which also worked out well since I had no clue what I could possibly write about it.) I only managed to do the other three because I always kept two pieces ready to go at all times, a buffer of sorts in case I couldn’t finish an article in one week for whatever reason. It was the sole thing that saved me this time.

The death of the buffer is the main reason I’m going on hiatus; I can’t work without one. In a rare stroke of luck, however, this has also timed quite nicely with my midsems, an internship that I will be applying to (does anyone know what ‘Authorized to work in the US’ means for a remote paid internship? Please let me know in the comments if you do), as well as a move of residence. This means I won’t have to take several short breaks, all being encompassed in this one long one.

I’m not going to be completely idle writing-wise, don’t worry. I plan to build up a sturdier buffer around 6 articles deep so that I won’t be crippled by future time-based confusions. I will also be writing my book that I have been neglecting for some time now: only 1K of the total of 80K words are written. I hope to finish 40K by the end of the hiatus (lmao as if that’s even possible), but a more realistic figure would be around 20K. I remember being tagged in several prompts by Squeeze the Avocado and @CarlosGarbiras (why is the @ not working :P), and I promise I’ll get to them, even if it is several months late.

Meanwhile, if you want to reach me during these months for whatever reason, here is my linktree!

That’s all from me for now! See you all soon :)

Photo by Aziz Acharki on Unsplash